No Sugar Blues – a perfect substitute for chocolate


As I mentioned in my previous blog in English, I think it’s been about a couple of months since I stopped taking white sugar. I was never able to spend a day without eating cakes, chocolates or ice cream but instead, I eat loads of fruits now. I wasn’t a big fan of fruits but since I need some sweetness in my life, I started eating fruits and I’m in love with them now. Fruits are good and I didn’t know how good they taste. Right now is the best season for Mikans, the Japanese mandarin oranges.

I’ve been blogging about my “no white sugar project” for a while now and the only thing I can say is that white sugar is BAD for you. You will know when you stop taking them. White sugar is considered an empty carbohydrate because it has no nutrients of any kind or whatsoever. It breaks down minerals necessary for your body especially calcium, turns your body acidic, makes your blood sticky and it’s heavily addictive. Once you stop, you will never want to eat it again,

I haven’t been able to eat candies like I used to but I do have some cravings for chocolates sometimes. I remembered a friend of mine making me Raw Chocolate Brownies, ingredients of which only included some dried fruits, nuts and cocoa powder. I looked for recipes but in most of the recipes, I had to use dried dates which looked just like bunch of cockroaches to me and I really didn’t want to use them, so I used dried fig instead.

Here’s my recipe.
Dried fig(about a cup)
Raisins(I don’t know… as much as you like)
Walnuts(about a cup)
Pure cocoa powder.(half to one third of a cup)

Mix walnuts and almonds in a food processor until fine, mix in cocoa powder, then just throw in figs and raisins, mix them until soft. Pat the mixture into a plastic container, cooking time is only like 3 minutes and what you get is incredibly delicious chocolate brownies. No flour, no sugar, no baking and it’s just really good. Try it!