What are the health benefits of sugar? 砂糖の健康上の利点は何ですか?

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 A lot of people eat sweet foods because “it gives them energy”. Refined sugar is the most commonly consumed addictive poison on the menu.

Did you know that sugar consumption causes:
 fatigue, low libido, weight gain, cellulite, bone deterioration , wrinkles, depleted immunity , flabby skin, acne, weak eyesight, headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, loss of appetite control, dysfunctional metabolism, inability to concentrate, Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, muscle cramps, joint pain, stores fat, encourages stroke and feeds cancer.

People complain that it’s “difficult to not eat sugar, because it’s in everything”. But it’s actually quite easy to avoid the crack demon if you eat from the land (nothing packaged nor canned).
Do you have a sweet tooth, Sugar? Fruits are nature’s natural candy. And they delicious too.
Eat smart!



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