Alcohol PROHIBITED in TOKYO: the ludicrousy continues…

I avoid drawing my focus to the plandemic non-sense that goes on in Japan, as much as possible. I live my life as normal, enjoy my God given freedoms with no masks and no toxic vaccines. But this madness is Tokyo deserves to be addressed:  
First, there was the curfew, 12pm… then 10pm… then 9pm and then in some places 8pm. The government continues to tighten their grip on small businesses and completely banned the sell of alcohol in restaraunts and pubs in Tokyo, Osaka, and other metropolitan areas. Japanese people city side, began to gather in parks with friends to eat and drink outside.  So the government banned all gatherings in parks. The cerfew continues but now, the government has “allowed” a one person guest in a restaurant to be served alcohol. But guests of 2 or more are not allowed to be served alcohol.  
….anyway, my girlfriend Eri-chan went to a restaurant in Tokyo that completely ignores the tryanical government over-reach and even offers free SAKE. All the patrons are drinking “happily and maskless”. The shop owner even has a sign in restroom that reads: 「こんなむちゃくちゃな条例従えませんわ!」
 “I refuse to partake in the government’s ludicrous ordinance”.
It’s sooo nice to see smart people acknowledging their basic human rights. The government works for you. You do not work for your government.
Wake up, Japan!


Eri Nishikami comment:
ウワサのモンスーンカフェ行った。Free Shochu cocktail at Monsoon cafe in Tokyo while alcohols are banned and you get fined to serve!! 満席で待つ間、フリーのジャスミンハイ置いてあるという氣のききよう。店内満席、店員以外でマスクしてる人ゼロ、お客さん全員楽しそうに酔っ払ってる。店員の女の子もステキで、「みなさんハワイのにおいがしますねー、サーフィンしたい」って。ひさしぶりに普通の世界を見たわ。グローバルダイニング最高。「こんなむちゃくちゃな条例従えませんわ!」がテーマのトイレの張り紙必見。夜中一時まで営業中🤙



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